Monday, October 13, 2008

Geoffrey Hill in conversation with Anne Mounic

Religious poetry in English and in French is the uniting feature of Temporel #6 (October 2008).  Geoffrey Hill's poems in French translation by René Gallet, Jacques Darras, Patrick Hersant and Anne Mounic appear along with poetry by Michael Edwards,  as well as Anne Mounic's interview with Geoffrey Hill and a review of René Gallet's translation of The Triumph of Love.
    One sentence from the interview, drawn out of a hat, as it were:  "Le véritable poète est complètement isolé."  For some reason, the paragraph where that sentence appears reminds me of the first stanza of Donald Hall's poem "To a Waterfowl."
    Longtime readers of Hill will find this issue essential reading.  One example: Hill reveals that "September Song" is indeed an elegy for a deported girl.  While at an exhibit of children's artwork from Theresienstadt, he viewed a painting with dates of birth that closely matched his own.