Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Amor-Roma: Love the Roms

"Hill is far edgier, far better, and far more important." That is Richard King comparing Geoffrey Hill to other poets "who claim to be taking poetry to the people" (The Australian, August 4, 2010). Hill has not sought out popularity, he "is nothing if not a contrarian," notes Gregory Wolfe (Image, Summer 2010).

As France roils over recent expulsion policies by the Sarkozy government concerning the Roma (Roms as they are known in French), Hill's interview in Poetry Wales (Summer 2010) sounds out loud and clear: "...there was a rumour in my family that one of our ancestors was Roma, and I had hoped very much to have this proved."

Unlike the Pope, who spoke out against France's racist measures this past week, Hill was not directly addressng French policy. But certainly he has not forgotten that the nazi plan for genocide (the word came into being in 1944) was also directed against Roma.

Hill's poetry may not "make anything happen," but if you read it, you are likely to become more aware of what is happening.

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